Tuesday, October 28, 2008

1 month of laziness and procrastination


Looks like it's been 1 month since I last updated this blog... =.="

Why my sudden urge and motivation to update NOW?

Have you ever experienced that kinda day where you wake up like any other day, (any other usual WEEKDAY, where you either go to school, college, work, etc...) get up, do your usual routines,
and just when you're at the doorstep of your friend's house, ready to go to college, he comes out half asleep telling you it's a holiday??!


Today was one of those days for me.

... ... =.=" swt... omgwtfbbq... ==.==""
(Announcement from APIIT/UCTI Webspace)

GG.. I know... =.="

Here I am.
Better make full use of this opportunity before laziness and procrastination sinks in again. =.=" XP

Got loads of stuff that I really wanna blog about.
Quite a lotta stuff happened too in this span of 1 month.
Just can't find the mood, time, energy and words to blog... =.="

One of the more defining events was of course,
My college mate's (CK) sis' wedding.
Yea, so I helped with the photography of the ceremony and stuff on the bride's (CK's sis) side.

Of course, I had quite a big "ang pow" (red packet) for my, *ahem* SERVICES, too. :D XP
(Nope, I don't provide any OTHER services, whatever you may be thinking, other than photography.. =.=" XP)

SOME of the pics are up at CK's blog: HERE. :)

As I have TECHNICALLY sold the pictures to CK and his family,
I don't think it's ethical for me to post the pics here.


Since when was I that ethical anyway?? =.=" XP



Naw, I'll just be posting SOME of the pics, especially those with less HUMAN subjects. *rolls eyes* ... XP

THE Teacup
for the Wedding Tea Ceremony

2 Professionals at work
Who's the OTHER professional?
ME LAH! Photographer mah! =.=" XP

Act of respect, acceptance, and joy.

The bridesmaids' "GAME"

If any of you happen to NOT know why these things are done during a wedding, you might want to read up, ask around, and LEARN. :D XP

After looking at mine,
I'll now let you guys look at a PROs work. :D XP
He's CK's sis' OFFICIAL wedding photographer, Jan. :) (make myself sound so UNOFFICIAL... =.=" XP)
His website itself is pretty impressive already.
His blog has got lotsa very awesome pics. :D
And HERE is the post on CK's sis and her husband. :)

Very pro pics eh? ;)
*copy... wanna learn... copy... wanna learn...* XP

O, and btw, here's something that's got NOTHING to do with the wedding... XP

Ladies and gentlemen, I proudly present to you..

I meant,
=.=" :D XP

And since we're on the topic of photography,
Here are some Prolonged Exposure pics (30 seconds to be exact) I took last night.
For fun and experience, and out of boredom. =.=" :D XP

Please DO leave some comments.
ESPECIALLY about the photos. :)
I know I have plenty more room for improvement. ;) XP

That's all for now.

Still got loads of pending stuff to blog about... =.="
And BTW, my "Mega Movies Post"'s movies list is getting freaking long... =.="

This is your FNB,
k!ll3r @c3,
Going to find more motivation and kill procrastination!
(That is, if I don't procrastinate doing that too! =.=" XP)

5 dollars worth of comments:

I lOVE IT!!!
the light effect!!haha...

Hey, I found out Jan's photos are all good and good. *2 Thumbs UP*

Those are no longer photos, they are real ARTs. Really get me inspired!

Waiting for more from you now. :D

Wanna start it A.S.A.P! Firhan~

Wee, u referring to my last 2 pics? :)
Thx. :D XP

Yea, haha.
I think I just rose the bar and standard of expectations higher for myself eh? =.=" XP

Hope to have you all join the photography mania soon. XD XP

Erm, but photography is an expensive hobby man.

Almost ALL hobbies are.

Just look at sports.
You want good rackets, shoes, gear, balls, sticks (puns may or may not be intended... =.=" XP), etc etc...
All of these can cost a bomb as well.

Not to mention, the much more frequent need to buy new ones to replace old, worn out ones.

It just depends on how much you need.
Though very inadequate, I've seen many photographers using relatively cheap compact cameras, and still producing very nice compositions, with decent quality.

Like I have said, and emphasized MANY times,
it's the person BEHIND the camera and all the gearS that is much MUCH more important.
The equipments and gears can come later on. ;)