Tuesday, September 23, 2008

i... see... red... spots... EVERYWHERE...

As usual,
Busy-ness and procrastination got the better of me. =.=" XP

So, a little quick LONG update on things.
(Why LONG? Cause I'm kinda free. And will be for some time.
Why? You'll know why soon. ;) *hint*something to do with the title*hint* ;) XP )

Finished my Sem 2 finals last last week.
Just entered Sem 3 this week, which has a nice schedule:

Only THREE days with classes per week.
Yes. You didn't see that wrongly. Your eyes aren't fooling you.
ONLY 3 days of classes out a week of 7 days! :D XP

I believe I need not speak more of this AWESOME schedule as some of my other classmates have already done so. ;)
Mr. WeeZX (wee wee anyone? :D ... =.=" XP)
Mr. Joshua (aka Chicky, aka Mr. B*lless (=.=" XP))

But after 1 week of:
3 modules (subjects),
3 lecturers,
3 days per week.

All 3 3s' sien... =.="

I dare say SIEN DAO BAO!!!
in short: SIENBAO! =.=" XP
(I know I know... LAME.. "COLD"... =.="
Can't help it... with all the shows, movies, friends, and even my cbox being filled with it... =.="
lame-ness I mean... >.<" XP)

In fact, it's so sien that we are comparing our lecturers appearance similarity with other people/characters! =.=" XP

(Original pics courtesy of Mr.REVOLUTION aka the Extra Terrestrial)

On to the TITLE topic. :D

Why am I so free? (Well, not that I usually ain't in the first place... =.=" XP)
And why would I be for SOME time?





THIS, is the reason:

Yea, that's my LEFT hand if you're wondering. =.=" XP
Now imagine those SPOTS,
ALL OVER MY BODY. (Well ALMOST all over at least... if you get what I mean... ==.=="" XP)
Explains the title eh? ;) (Well, at least I HOPE it did... =.=" XP)

(Okok, to be honest, when I took the pic, the spots weren't so OBVIOUS, because of the hand phone camera flash, picture quality and everything, so a little Photoshop magic was applied to EMPHASIZE and DRAMATIZE things a TINY WEENY LITTLE BIT. XP)

I've gotten RUBELLA, also usually known as and commonly called GERMAN MEASLES.
(Nope, it doesn't make me German or anything, though I'd like to be able to converse with a particular SOMEONE in German. XD)

If you're wondering,
"Isn't Rubella that sickness where girls in secondary/primary schools are vaccinated against?"
The answer is, YES.

I know, by now, if you guys haven't already thought so, would be thinking,
"ISN'T RUBELLA A GIRL'S ILLNESS??" (or something along those lines...)
The answer most clearly would be, NO.
As you can see, I'm a guy (YOU'VE GOT A PROBLEM WITH THAT?!), and I've gotten it. HENCE, it ain't a FEMALE ONLY SICKNESS. (DOH!~ DUH!!~ =.=" XP)

Then why are only girls vaccinated against it?

Well, that's because the Rubella virus (YES, it's a VIRAL disease, another reason why GUYS can get it as well.) can cause unborn fetuses in a pregnant woman's womb to deform.
The earlier into the pregnancy a woman is infected by it, the higher chance and more deformation may occur to the unborn child.

THUS, the main reason why the vaccine is given compulsory to most teenage girls is to make sure any teenage sl*t who happens to get pregnant at that tender age does not give birth to a child deformed by Rubella to not incur any risks of catching Rubella while their pregnant and cause their child to be deformed.

I HOPE, I've made my point(s) CLEAR. =.=" ... :) XP

Because of this fetus deforming virus,
I've been granted 4 days MC,
Which translates to me not needing to go to college this week, (remember my AWESOME new schedule? :D XP)
Which translates to me having TWO weeks of "HOLIDAYS"! :D XP (Next week is HARI RAYA! :D XP)

(btw, I ain't really suffering, the MC is given more so that I do not come in contact with any lecturers who so happen to be EXPECTING mothers. =.=" XP)



But don't think I'll just be lazing around though!

Have been job hunting the past 2 days! (Sat and Sun)
So if you've seen me around the "Golden Triangle of KL" area these few days,
you should know why now.

So, if any of you all got some NICE PAYING (or not...) jobs around this KL and Selangor area (work from home lagi best! =.=" XP), DO LET ME KNOW!

And so, before I end this post to go finish up my other many pending-because-of-procrastination posts,
Here's a little something I found somewhere (forgot where... =.=" XP).

Yea, TDK fervor is still not over~
=.=" XP

this is your FNB, k!ll3r @c3,
hoping procrastination doesn't delay his next post... =.=" XP

2 dollars worth of comments:

Ouch >< thats not a girl's illness alright - its for SISSYS!


You know what's good news? We only have class for two days this week, so, i guess it isn't any much different from you (except sitting in class with Mario's mate offcourse =.=").

Perhaps if you're so free, why not go write yourself a story? :P


I... just... MIGHT... =.=" XP